Treatments to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit


At Waimana Spa at Mana, in Coromandel town or in Auckland you can make appointments with Sol Petersen.

Sol offers a wide range of therapies that will help you to to realise your potential through healing physical and emotional traumas and developing an embodied awareness and energetic resiliency.

The Therapies section indicates both treatments, such as Structural Integration, Watsu and Integral Aquatic Therapy, Hakomi Body Psychotherapy, fitness training and rehabilitation work as well as self-help practices for your wellbeing such as Tai Ji, Yoga and healing experiences such as the Sweatlodge that are available at Waimana.

For general enquiries regarding treatments,  courses, trainings, spa retreats and products contact Sol on :

Postal Address:

Sol Petersen, Waimana,
Coromandel R.D.1 3581
New Zealand

 You will find informtion on how to get to Waimana on the Contact page and articles that relate to the topics in this section and on our Resources Page.

Structural Integration, an MIT approach
The essence of Structural Integration is the rebalancing and enhancement of the structure and function of the body, the cultivation of an awakened body awareness and a conscious choice to bring this aliveness to the activities of our daily life.
Integral Aquatic Therapy and TIA
Watsu and Waterdance
Hakomi Body Psychotherapy
Aston Movement Coaching
Mana Myofascial Massage
Tai Ji
Embodiment & Healing: The Heart of Tai Ji Tai Ji is a path of embodied aliveness. It is a journey of discovery, nourishment and revitalization, awakening our spirit to the joy, peace and power available within. Tai Ji is a way of cultivating our true nature - the harmony of our body, heart and mind. The correct practice of tai ji over time leads to deep mental and physical relaxation, profound coordination of mind and body, and liberation of the flow of energy (Qi).
the Sweatlodge - A Place for Healing
Earth and Fire, the Inner Warrior Mens Empowerment Retreat at Mana November 27-December 1, 2015
Qi gong
Qi gong