What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is an innovative approach to well-being that recognizes a natural order inherent in the human being. When the musculo-skeletal system is re-balanced and re-aligned and optimal movement restored, our innate self-healing abilities stimulate a new vitality. The Structural Integration series is a sequence of 10 sessions designed to restore natural structure and function. Specific myofascial techniques, movement repatterning and guided awareness are some of the tools that a practitioner will use to guide a client to a new balance. The essence of Structural Integration is to foster growth, an expansion of body awareness and conscious choice to bring aliveness, alignment and fluidity to daily body use.

Our Bodies are Shaped by Our Lives

In every moment we are shaping our bodies into a posture that fits your world. The mother continually carrying her child on one side begins to readjust the fine balance in her hips and spine. The body builder reshapes his structure through weight training. The person unable to express emotions may be "on hold" in their chest and arms, creating such tension that they eventually cannot freely breathe or extend and relax their arms. Each of us falls into patterns of body use which create postures that reflect our attitudes, thoughts and feelings. As life goes on, more of these patterns become embedded in the tissues of our body. As one client reported...

After my first session I felt like an absentee landlord finally coming home to my body.

The Structural Integration approach is based on the guiding principle that by rebalancing the human structure within gravity and freeing natural movement, an individual???s innate wholeness is revealed. The essence of long-term success is the cultivation of an awakened body awareness and a conscious choice to bring aliveness, alignment and fluidity to our daily body movements.

Changing the Shape of the Past before and after fotos
with Structural Integration

Reclaiming Your Natural Integrity

Our body shape and movement patterns evolve over years, influenced by consistent repetition, accidents, disease, and mental and emotional stresses. It would be unrealistic to attempt a comprehensive treatment programme in one or two sessions. However, in just one session, it is possible to reduce and relieve pain and give you a taste of a new suppleness and vitality and to offer the beginnings of a self-care approach. You may choose to have individual sessions, a mini-series of three, or the full Ten Series. You will continue to adjust as you take your new awareness into your daily life, so follow-up sessions are offered when you are ready for more input or support.

When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then the body spontaneously heals itself.

Ida P Rolf, Founder of Structural Integration

The Heart of Structural Integration

The Ten Series: A Warrant of Fitness for Body, Mind and Spirit

Ten Steps to a New Vitality with Structural Integration
The Ten Series is a carefully designed programme rather like a certificate of well-being or a 'Warrant of Fitness' for the body. The practitioner works with you to systematically realign and rebalance the entire musculo-skeletal system because just focusing on particular symptoms may not change the underlying problem. For example, pain in the hip joint could be caused by a collapsed ankle and awkward movement and may be beginning to create low back and neck pain.

  • Release pain, tension and stress
  • Realign your body for optimal balance
  • Discover a New Aliveness

Postural and movement repatterning is an essential aspect of the approach. When the body is aligned and moving freely our innate self-healing and self-regulatory powers are able to maintain our wellness naturally.
As we become more self aware we will notice our old limiting patterns and realise the opportunities for positive choices. The development of awareness and the cultivation of self-care nourishes our entire life ??? our body, heart, mind and spirit.

The Benefits of Structural Integration

Adults and children of all ages can benefit from Structural Integration. Clients experience relief from pain and tension and improved physical performance. They feel better about their posture and have more fluidity in their movement. They report more energy and balance in day-to-day life and a deeper quality of relaxation. Most have a strong feeling of being more open and alive physically and emotionally.

What is a Session like?

Sessions typically last one to one-and-a-half hours.??? Your practitioner may use light or deeper touch to free restricted areas of the body, with movement education to guide you into more optimal body use.

Each of the 10 sessions focuses on a particular area and function such as the ribcage and breathing; balance in the feet and legs; abdominal and low back awareness and stability; neck, shoulder and spinal flexibility.

Awareness experiences and dialogue assists you to explore how your body reflects your mind and to make new choices in posture and self-expression.
New options in sitting, standing and walking are explored.

Some sessions will be designed around improving your capacity in a special area of interest-such as your work station, golfing or playing a musical instrument.

What people say about Structural Integration

I came to the sessions with a bent spine and a lot of pain. Two months later I felt brilliant and 10 years younger. After my third session I woke up the next morning and thought what's wrong? Then I realised I had woken up without pain.

The ignorance of 'that's just the way' I am kept me locked into poor patterns of posture and movement. Now I understand that I have choices and I can align myself more supportively.

What Other Health Practitioners say about Structural Integration

Structural Integration is the perfect link between body and spirit because it clears old memories of pain and fear from the body. I recommend it for all my patients.
Anthony Bryant, Osteopath

With Structural Integration I have a much more complete training system to help people realise their potential.
Rod Fielder, Personal Trainer

The practice of Pilates often highlights stuckness in the body. Structural Integration can help to release these restrictions and fine-tune a new balance.
Mike Green, Pilates Instructor

Structural Integration will catapult you into a new dimension of physical power, with more energy, dynamic movement and a abody that doesn't break down as you age.
Lee Parore. author of Power Posture and Personal Trainer to Jonah Lomu and David Tua