Sol Petersen is an internationally recognized innovator and teacher in the field of mindbody health and wellness. He has a Bachelor of Education in Adaptive Physical. He is a graduate of the Hakomi Experiential Psychology Training and practices Body Psychotherapy, Structural Integration, Watsu Aquatic bodywork and Craniosacral therapy.

Sol was a former senior trainer and trustee for the Hellerwork Structural Integration school for ten years and now leads his own Structural Integation trainings in Europe and New Zealand. Sol also developed Integral Aquatic Therapy (TIA - Terapia Integral Acuatica in Spain). Sol and Bibiana Badanes teach classes in TIA and Myofascial Release in Benicassim, near Valencia and in other parts of Spain.

Sol is a longtime Tai Ji teacher and founding trustee of the beautiful Mana Retreat Centre in Coromandel, New Zealand. Sol is a musician and poet and developer of the Mana Mens Inner Warrior Empowerment Programme. Sol's greatest passions are the development of a truly integrative body therapy and empowering people to embody their potential. He lives at Mana and teaches internationally.