The Heart of Tai Ji and Meditation
Five Treasures Retreats

at Waimana at Mana and Tara Sanctuary, Coromandel

Weekend or 5-day retreats/ dates TBA

Calm the mind, strengthen the body, nourish the heart and revitalise your spirit

Tai Ji is a way of cultivating our true nature – the harmony of body, mind, heart and spirit. An ancient Chinese martial art and moving meditation, the correct practice of Tai Ji over time leads to deep mental and physical relaxation, profound coordination of mind and body, and the liberation of the flow of energy (Qi). In our high stress world, Tai Ji is one of the most direct approaches to bring peace, alertness and creativity to the mind, and health and longevity to the body.

This retreat will be of value to both beginners and experienced alike. Beginners will learn the principles of Tai Ji, a set of relaxing exercises, a short section of the Tai Ji Form and simple pushing hands (practiced with a partner). Further instruction will be available for experienced students. There will be sitting and walking meditation, and exploration of the relationship of Tai Ji to structural alignment and body usage. Some time will also be given to the healing power of touch.

The 5 Treasures Retreat is an opportunity not only to practice traditional Tai Ji as a profound way to work with your embodied spirit, but also to explore the art of living through the practice of poetry, art, music and healing. The term master of the five excellences was used to describe Master Cheng Man Ching who was one of the most revered Tai Ji masters but also a master of art, calligraphy, medicine, poetry and music. His achievement shows what is possible for the human spirit.
Come join us for a stimulating, healing weekend or 6 days in the beautiful Coromandel. There will be opportunities to enjoy the mountain and bush walks, the hot pool, to take time to read or explore your creativity. The workshop begins with a meal at 6 pm on the Friday night and finishes on Thursday November 11 at 4pm.

Sol Petersen has been studying and teaching Tai Ji, Qi Gong and meditation for over 30 years. He teaches Yang style in the tradition of Master Huang Sheng Shyan. He is a movement coach, Structural Integration and Watsu practitioner with training in psychotherapy. Sol is a poet, musician and artist who brings a warm and humorous quality to his teaching along with a deep and confident knowledge of the Tao of Tai Ji. Sol is co-founder of Mana where he lives and teaches.
Daytime only/ full and partial participation from Coromandel locals is most welcome.

A payment plan available for those in need and there are a limited number of work exchange positions.

For information or to register contact Sol on 021893055, 078668971,