The 4-day Mana Mens Retreats have been inspiring and nurturing men for over 20 years.

“The art of being a warrior is the only way to balance the terror of
being a man with the wonder of being a man”
Carlos Castaneda


'The Mana mens retreat is an essential journey for the male soul. The Inner Warrior Training is an affirming, enriching and nourishing experience that no man should miss.'
Jerry Beale, Advertising Agency Creative Director

'In this retreat we get high and holy, low and bawdy, we grieve, cry and laugh, occasionally make fools of ourselves and often heal each other. all is in the spirit of honouring and uncovering the precious gift and responsibility that is our human birth.'
Trevor Johnston, Business Development Manager, the Warehouse, NZ

INNER WARRIOR Men’s Empowerment Programme                                   
Mana Retreat, Coromandel 

Friday, November 24, 6pm to Tuesday November 28,  2017                                The Art of Man Men's retreat

with Sol Petersen and the Inner Warrior Team

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Who is this programme for?
The Mens retreats at Mana are transformational in nature. An empowered man has learned the grounding wisdom that can only be passed from man to boy and man to man through direct transmission. A mature man learns to be an inner warrior. He realises that his major battles will be fought and resolved within himself. He has the courage to know himself, his personal path and his tasks in this life. This retreat is for any man who is looking for ways to live more fully and honestly and to bring a new sense of clarity, power and love into his life.  Some participants may be at a critical transition point in their lives and are looking for support and new directions that feel more authentic and satisfying. Young men find a powerful place to explore their visions and dreams.  Others come again and again for the joy and rejuvenation.

Revitalise Your Spirit
“Life-changing” is how one man described this highly experiential and powerful 4-day men’s retreat. We explore the journey to the mature masculine through the positive and shadow qualities of the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover using outdoor adventure, visualisation and inner work, volleyball, music, meditation, T’ai Ji and the healing ritual of the sweatlodge.  Realising where we are caught and tripped up by our shadow initiates a process of transformation. A mature man is an inner warrior. He realises that his major battles will be fought and resolved within himself. Understanding and embodying the positive aspects of the masculine spirit empowers us to continue our growth and to return our gifts as service to our local and global community.

Touch the Earth
Surrounded by the mountain, sea and forest, we will be touched by the earth in many ways. We will enjoy Mana and have a lot of laughs as we celebrate and heal our unique and irrepressible male spirit. Come join us

The facilitators: Sol Petersen will be assisted by Inner Warrior Graduates. A Structural Integration Trainer, counsellor, T’ai Ji teacher and co-founder of Mana Retreat and Inner Warrior Trainings, Sol has a passion for empowering men to embody their potential.

Participants should arrive on Friday for a 6pm meal and 8pm start. The retreat finishes on Tuesday at 2pm

For more information or to register call Sol on 021 893 0955 or